About Us


The mission of Strategic Risk Transfers is to become the “insurance department” for companies whose operation has become so large or complicated that they would benefit from hiring an employee to provide direct and specific oversight over their insurance coverage and costs.


Our clients understand that their highest and best use is developing their business… not overseeing their insurance. They pass the responsibility of insuring their companies or portfolios to us, so they have one less thing to worry about.


Given the dollar amount in premiums you pay annually, you deserve a return on that investment in the form of exclusive access and attention… which we continuously deliver by providing absolute transparency in your pricing, underwriting and risk control.

An Open Letter from Scott H. Sutter – President of SRT

I hate insurance. It’s a deep loathing, applied equally across the entire industry. Such a negative perspective might sound strange coming from the owner of an insurance agency. Nonetheless, it is accurate. Insurance carriers continue to limit or exclude important coverage. Real risk underwriting has become a dying art. Claims adjusters dig for the smallest nuance in policy language to deny coverage. Agents are complacent and have little idea what they are selling us, but will happily smile and take our checks. The client is progressively saddled with more responsibility, despite their increasing premiums. It’s all unacceptable and not permitted inside the doors of our insurance agency. 

Throughout my career, I have found opportunity as a navigator of the confusing darkness the insurance industry has created for itself. My tact is based on one simple thing: Clarity.

With clarity, the underwriter understands what they are truly betting on – which produces the best coverage and pricing. When the client clearly understands what they are buying, insurance becomes less of an expense, and more of an investment.

Creating clarity for our clients and underwriting partners is not easy sometimes. It is often complex and requires a certain degree of sophistication – all of which we endure, handle, and sponsor on behalf of our clients. But in the end, we reach real, metric-based, clarity. Everyone wins.

If you seek clarity for your business’ property and liability insurance, I personally invite you to bring me into the conversation. My office phone is: 508-304-6106 and email is

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

-Scott H. Sutter